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Many phrases, words and lyrics join me and challenge me in my life of faith every day.

Maybe you who take the time to read this page, you can now also be marked. Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of page if necessary.


1- “Do whatever he tells you” : Jn 2, 1-11

  2- “God, Gathers and turn my thoughts toward you. With you is the light, you do not forget me. With you lies the rescue, with you there is patience. I do not understand your ways, but you you know the way for me ” : D. Bonhoeffer  
  3- “When we are led by a God of Power and Light, you can not go wrong. It is him who makes us distinguish right from wrong and good from evil”: Curé of Ars  
  4- “The only happiness that we have on earth is to love God and know that God loves us”: Curé of Ars  
  5- “Instead of making noise in the newspapers, so make noise at the door of the Tabernacle”: Curé of Ars  
  6- “There are two ways to suffer: to suffer and suffer without loving love. The saint suffered all with patience, perseverance and joy, because they liked. We suffer, we, with anger, disappointment and weariness, because we don’t like: Curé of Ars  
  7- “The poor will be judged on the use he has made of your charity, and you shall be judged on the charity itself that you could have done that and have not made”: Curé of Ars  
  8- “Come to communion, come to Jesus! Come experience for him to live for him!”: Curé of Ars  
  9- “Do not say you’re not worthy. That’s right, you’re not worthy, but you need”: Curé of Ars  
  10- “If you pass a church, enter to greet our Lord. Could we move on to the door of a friend without telling him hello!”: Curé of Ars   

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  1. Dimitri says:

    Il me semble que le Seigneur m’a lavé par mes propres larmes; Et si c’était cela la tristesse qui fait la joie du Bon Dieu. Je sais j’ai besoin de guides et les articles sur les Saints et Maîtres m’ont fait du bien. Continue!

  2. Dorothée says:

    Oui j’ai remarqué pareil: c’est qui le Curé d’Ars ? C’est dans quel pays ? Il vit toujours ?

    • Léandre says:

      Le Curé d’Ars est en France, non loin de Lyon, c’est un lieu de pèlerinage extraordinaire où j’ai souvent été fidèle tous les été.
      Pour en savoir plus sur lui, tu peux aller sur la rubrique “Vie Chrétienne” ==> “Mes Saints et Maîtres” ==> “Saint-Jean-Marie-Vianey” de ce site, là tu auras son histoire et une vidéo.
      Tu peux également aller dans les pensées du jour pour méditer sur ses paroles.
      Il ne vit plus, mais ses oeuvres et ses paroles continuent à vivre et à changer des personnes.

  3. Vincent says:

    Définitivement le curé d’Ars t’a beaucoup beaucoup marqué puisque presque toutes tes citations viennent de lui !

    Definitely the Cure of Ars was very much marked you as almost all your citations come from him!

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