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Reaction following the election of the pope Francis – CBC

Following the election of the Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio  as the 266th successor of St. Peter, Francis, the CBC wanted to get my reaction : Click Here

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Choosing priesthood over science – CBC

My interview on CBC radio seminar about my commitment to follow Christ : Click Here


Priestly Vocation Interview – CBC

My interview on radio FM 93 with a colleague of seminar about our commitment to follow Christ: Click Here


Recollection Inter-seminar 2013

The month of January 2013 was marked by the recollection seminars Francophone Canada, whose theme was: “Heirs and partner of François of Laval”. We were seminarians from the Major Seminary of Montreal, Quebec and Redepmtioris Mater.

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We started our meeting on Friday evening with a sharing time followed by dinner and the opening of the recollection by the Rector of the Major Seminary of Quebec: Father Mario Côté.

It was a day when we have been challenged by the preacher (Father Pierre-René Side) about the Figure of François de Laval and our Vocation of Priests. About this sermon, we can retain:

We must rediscover the experience of the sacraments as before, and become true Christians, the adjustment factors of the Catholic Faith. We must think afresh our relationships and all into the world without fear of being runny. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ as St. Paul says in all his writings, but also his heirs and collaborator to bring about His kingdom in our world. To do this, we must love, say otherwise, show respect and attention. We must in the first instance in all our dealings with men and women of this world” shut up” and” listen”, because it is one of the first movements of the New Evangelization.

 We completed our recollection by the Eucharist presided in the Basilica-Catedral  “Notre Dame de Quebec” by the usual of the places: Bishop Gérald Cyprien Lacroix.

The media and the press were present to cover the event. The witnesses show the diversity of appeal still present in the Church, as evidenced by the following links:








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