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This website is intended to allow you to share my different aspirations and know me better. By taking the initiative to visit my page and read me, you already enter somehow in my privacy.

Navigation in this portal is very easy; you can just click on the tabs that interest you to read their contents. Of course, do not hesitate to leave comments, remarks, or even your views on some of the positions that I will probably take here. At the end of each page, blanks are provided for this purpose

In the header of this site, you will notice four main images which all have a meaning in my life. You can better understand the meaning in referring to what I have here called “Mottos”. These are actually words, quotes, Christian personalities who have marked me and who challenge me every day in my faith life.

Access is limited to certain tabs, to read their contents; it would be better to ask me a password via the tab “Contact”.

You can also share my passions, my travels… Also my cultural, human and religious experiences.


Never forget this:

If you differ from me, far from hurting me, you enrich me

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Before you begin browsing, I want to share with you this beautiful prayer of Marthe Robin to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Beloved MotherO beloved Mother,

 You who knows the ways of holiness and love so well, teach us to often raise our minds and hearts to the Trinity, fixing our respectful and affectionate attention on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And since you guide us along the path to eternal life, stay close to us poor pilgrims, open your arms to us, turn your merciful eyes towards us, bring your clarity to us, cover us with your sweetness, take us into light and love, and always help us go a step further and higher into the splendors of heaven.

 May our peace remain undisturbed and may the thought of God be always our minds.

 May every new minute take us deeper into the depths of your venerable mystery until the day that our fully blossomed souls, illuminated by divine union, will see all things in the eternal Love and Unity.


 Marte Robin

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  1. Joubert Marie says:

    Joyeux anniversaire en retard Léandre!

  2. Dorothée says:

    “Bienvenue” ça s’écrit pas comme ça plutôt ????…:-D
    en tout cas très agréable ton site avec cette musique…
    on a l’impression de voyager …. O:-)
    Bonne continuation. On pense fort à toi.

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