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Fear of Death

Photo Leander Syrieix

Death frightens me; it paralyzes me so much that I do not dare sometimes visit relatives or acquaintances who are preparing to experience it. I have heard that it is by death that we meet you face-to-face Lord. Is it perhaps because of this slogan that death scares me so much?

I finally realize that I have so far rationalized the issue of death, that I have taken refuge behind beautiful formulas to escape and avoid this undeniable reality.

But what makes me so afraid of death? Is it all the wounds of my life like abandonment, denial, the experience of rejection in many forms, etc.? Is it because of so much harm during my life? Is it because of so much evil of which I was the author? Is it for fear of being forgotten from my relatives and people I have known? Or, is it for fear of my vision of the afterlife, for fear of being in solitude and wandering forever? Read more

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Yes, my Beloved

Yes Lord, I accept that you are my Beloved

I agree to share with You my life

I accept to do with You one body, one flesh

I agree to live with You my privacy

I agree to climb with You Kilimanjaro

I agree to escape with You into the splendors of nature

I agree to go to bed and get up with You in the evening and in the morning

I agree to share with You my daily life beyond all the difficulties that will arise

I agree to go with You to the desert and to love you also in the most difficult moments Read more

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You restore me

Photo Leander Syrieix

Photo Leander Syrieix

Fatigue streaked me so that I feel I am dying. In my body are manifested through pain, weakness, etc., symptoms of a life without Life, signs of your absence and a life in the darkness.

The diversity and intensity of daily activities that took more place in my life prevented me from Listening your call to stop; to meet with you in the silence of nature and in the depths of my interior.

The quest for the achievement at any cost of my personal goals uprooted me from this good land where formerly, I drew the necessary elements for my wellbeing. Read more

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The Power of Silence

© Leander Syrieix.

© Leander Syrieix.

The existence cannot be imagined without silence insofar that silence is like creating a balance and makes life possible. Imagine a life in the infinite or continuous noise is meaningless. That is why the logic of life wants there to be activity time and rest time even if you no longer recourse to silence today. Anyway, silence is a passage impossible to circumvent. This is part of God’s dynamic, for God has been silent after the act of creation and rested. Christ, his Son, made silence after his Passion, as recalled in the liturgy of Holy Saturday. He descended into hell. All humanity was then immersed in the quiet, awaiting the return of LIFE, the light that enlightens all nations. Read more

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On the Easter Vigil: Why do you sleep?

FatiqueOpen your eyes, wake up, and get out of your sleep, because the time has come for you to see the Light of the New Day.

This is the way that I opened for you, borrows this scale, the wood of the cross, because that’s where I went down to wake you from your sleep.

Do you hear the birds singing Life? Do you hear the trees of the field humming their praises to the Creator? Do you hear the rumblings of thunder sounded in the sky? Do you hear the chanting of the whole universe that rises to the heavens? Join up for the whole creation to sing because of this New Day. Read more

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