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Mercy, Forgiveness, Forgetting

Jésus Miséricordieux

Merciful Jesus

From Latin Misericordia, Mercy refers to compassion, pity. In this sense, be merciful returns to be taken compassion. Moreover, compassion comes from the Latin Compassio meaning “common suffering.” This then indicates that Mercy is the willingness to share the suffering of others, to be touched by the suffering of the other. Finally, Mercy is the gate or the square of Forgiveness. Read more

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Extension Christ’s Passion in the daily Realism

Daniel Abel Photograph

Men and women as well as children are arrested unfairly because they represent a threat to political, economic, religious systems, etc., like Christ arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Men and women as well as children are disowned by their peers because they are a shame, even a threat to their integrity, their visions of the world, their manners, etc., like Christ denied by his pairs.

Men and women and children are rejected by their peers because of their sexual orientation, their vocational choice, the radicalism of their social, religious and political involvement, or because they have become a burden because of their Age, physical or mental disability, etc., like Christ rejected by His people.

Men and women and children are victims of false trials planned to ensure the survival of ideological, economic, political, religious and other systems, like Christ judged unjustly in the middle of the night. Read more

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