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Assumption: At the summits of Prayer

At the summits of PrayerPrayer is the door that leads us to the interior to ourselves, to the heights of contemplation. It is this channel that we borrow to go to meet the unspeakable, the elusive, the beyond everything … Prayer is therefore not only a means, a state, but also a place, that of the encounter and it is in this context that can be understood the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Read more

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You amaze me Lord

Sgr Tu metonnesYou amaze me Lord with your revealed through the scriptures. You are the Word, you did the point embodied in one fell swoop without reason according to your whim, but there has been an announcement or preparation. You were once spoken by the prophets, by the preaching of John the Baptist. You’re not just anyone, because you did not come from nowhere, you are the incarnate Word of God, the Logos, the Word of God which is abbreviated. Read more

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What Priest?

Quel PretreWhile the society has experienced numerous changes at high speed, we often hear in the media and elsewhere that the Church must follow and adapt to the times, where many criticisms of the management of the affairs of the Church , accusations against priests, religious, and even rejection of God in some cases. When I expressed my relatives vocational call and my decision to follow Christ in the priesthood, it has repeatedly been asked if I was not afraid to engage in such an old-fashioned institution the Catholic Church? If the decline in vocations and desertification churches did not scare me? If celibacy did not scare me? If I was aware that I was going to become a pedophile? If it does not bother me to find myself in a bounded institution sectarian, closed on issues such as the home of homosexuals within the Church, the ordination of women, the marriage of priests. Read more

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Our Father

Our Father,

You are in our hearts; you join us constantly in our humanity because you are a God close to men.

Allow all ages praise your holy name, because you constantly do wonders for all men.

Teache us to recognize you as the one true God who gives life and sanctifies all things.

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