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At the Heart of our Lives, Dare to Believe in the Coming of Christ and Welcome Him

Photo Leandrer Syrieix

Advent is the period of preparation for the feast of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas). From Latin adventus, it is a time of waiting. This year, the Church offers us as a theme for this preparation, “Dare to believe in it”. Indeed, we are called to the audacity to believe in the coming of Christ. Moreover, we are called to believe that the coming of Our Lord is not an idea or simply reduced to an annual celebration regarding all the publicity around Christmas.

This time of Advent is given to us as a period of questioning of what we believe in. In fact, do we believe that the coming of Christ really takes place in our daily lives, at the heart of the social disorders, economic, political, etc., that we know at this time? How to detect the warning signs of the coming of Our Lord in such a context of tribulation? Obviously, only Christian Hope can allow us to perceive the warning signs of this coming. Read more

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I entrust them to you.

I entrust them to you _ Kamba SitaEverything ends with the raid on Canadian soil, homecoming ends.

Everything remains in my memory as if these events experienced during the 20 days spent on this Oasis of Peace had taken place only few minutes ago.

All eyes encounter, both those of poor, embittered, happy, joyful, and of survivors at the heart of their misery, disease, etc., remain etched in my memory. Read more

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A scourge of our society: loneliness

zbigniew-preisner-conversation-with-fathe---awauwukaquwunnoAs part of my ten days of “experiment[1]” in Montreal at Patro Le Prevost, I had the opportunity to join the team of “Meals on Wheels[2]” for the end of the morning. So I was with a lady (Mary) and a very nice gentleman very open and amendment (Philippe).

They explained me the principle of activity and presented me the different people with whom we would stay. I was very pleasantly surprised by the courtesy of Philippe to our visitors. He took the time to talk to them, introduce myself, present menu, and take the news of these people. I saw in the eyes of many people visited the joy of receiving a brief company. Some people did not hesitate to tell us, they express their joy at seeing us, and their loneliness. Although we have other people to visit before noon for delivery of meals, Philippe took the time required for each. Read more

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Dare enter the Desert

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