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Why Continuing?

Daniel Abel Photograph

Because :

It makes more sense.

The original flame continues to burn more and more strongly.

He is always the first, He has the initiative.

My thirst for the world is more felt.

The world needs him even more.

I rely less and less on my own strength.

He further increases my desire for Him.

I still do not understand his ways, but he alone knows the way for me.

This is always worth it.

He is my source of life, joy and peace, as well as for the world.

You have to taste Him. Read more

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Praise to joy.

joie-de-vivreO joy that dwell once the heart of the Father in the creation of the universe and humanity, you made his face shine at the sight of this creation made.

O joy that introduced the Father into a deep sleep at the end of his work, you helped his rest on the Sabbath.

O joy that dwell the Father, the Son and the Spirit in the beginning, you gathered in the same work.

O joy that put Abraham in the road, you allowed him to grow in faith in God. Read more

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