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Fear of Death

Photo Leander Syrieix

Death frightens me; it paralyzes me so much that I do not dare sometimes visit relatives or acquaintances who are preparing to experience it. I have heard that it is by death that we meet you face-to-face Lord. Is it perhaps because of this slogan that death scares me so much?

I finally realize that I have so far rationalized the issue of death, that I have taken refuge behind beautiful formulas to escape and avoid this undeniable reality.

But what makes me so afraid of death? Is it all the wounds of my life like abandonment, denial, the experience of rejection in many forms, etc.? Is it because of so much harm during my life? Is it because of so much evil of which I was the author? Is it for fear of being forgotten from my relatives and people I have known? Or, is it for fear of my vision of the afterlife, for fear of being in solitude and wandering forever? Read more

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He takes the initiative.

 photoHow strange that in 2013 many people believe and proclaim in their worship, in their liturgies faith in a Jew born in a small village in the south of the present Palestine. It is amazing that even today , a multitude of people spend their entire lives following this Jew who once heralded the advent of a reign , that of God. The attitude of all the world is not trivial, because if after two thousand years it has existed Jewish many still continue to spread his message, it’s probably because there is something that joins them, which the questions, that the surprise , which puts them in research, the questions , which puts them in dialogue and finally puts them in confidence is the mystery of faith. Read more

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You amaze me Lord

Sgr Tu metonnesYou amaze me Lord with your revealed through the scriptures. You are the Word, you did the point embodied in one fell swoop without reason according to your whim, but there has been an announcement or preparation. You were once spoken by the prophets, by the preaching of John the Baptist. You’re not just anyone, because you did not come from nowhere, you are the incarnate Word of God, the Logos, the Word of God which is abbreviated. Read more

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A life without Life?

vie sans VieWithout life, the existence would be impossible. However, several elements distinguish humans from other living beings, including the right. Indeed, we are rational beings with a conscience, a decision that allows us to evaluate things, to structure our life in society. And like all living beings, we have basic needs, basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, grow, health care, etc. Nevertheless, all have basic needs does not mean “be fully realized” as male or female. This does not mean living in harmony, peace, tranquility, satisfaction, comfort, etc., since such a life would be without life. It would be devoid of meaning because beyond basic needs, we need to give meaning to our existence, we ask about the meaning of life, purpose, etc. Read more

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The Year of Faith with St. Kateri Tekakwitha

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