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Why Continuing?

Daniel Abel Photograph

Because :

It makes more sense.

The original flame continues to burn more and more strongly.

He is always the first, He has the initiative.

My thirst for the world is more felt.

The world needs him even more.

I rely less and less on my own strength.

He further increases my desire for Him.

I still do not understand his ways, but he alone knows the way for me.

This is always worth it.

He is my source of life, joy and peace, as well as for the world.

You have to taste Him. Read more

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Baptism request: fictive letter to the Church

Daniel Abel Photograph

I come through this request to your maternal benevolence to solicit baptism.

Several routes have been proposed to me, certain ideals of life have been presented to me, but I have not seen anything other than the path you indicate to those who wish to find an answer to their quest. It is a real encounter, a true relationship with Christ through his brothers and sisters who were born of water and fire, baptism and the Spirit, who came out of the womb of the Church. Read more

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O you who took the initiative!

La CharitéGod, you have taken the first initiative in my life the day I was baptized when I was only eight years. I professed faith in you, in your wife , the Church, but at this age understand the commitment that I took at that time.

God, you have initiated the first in my life and throughout my Christian initiation , and through all aspects of my daily life. When I reached adolescence and young adulthood , I ‘m away from you while you stayed close . Read more

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What Priest?

Quel PretreWhile the society has experienced numerous changes at high speed, we often hear in the media and elsewhere that the Church must follow and adapt to the times, where many criticisms of the management of the affairs of the Church , accusations against priests, religious, and even rejection of God in some cases. When I expressed my relatives vocational call and my decision to follow Christ in the priesthood, it has repeatedly been asked if I was not afraid to engage in such an old-fashioned institution the Catholic Church? If the decline in vocations and desertification churches did not scare me? If celibacy did not scare me? If I was aware that I was going to become a pedophile? If it does not bother me to find myself in a bounded institution sectarian, closed on issues such as the home of homosexuals within the Church, the ordination of women, the marriage of priests. Read more

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Our Father

Our Father,

You are in our hearts; you join us constantly in our humanity because you are a God close to men.

Allow all ages praise your holy name, because you constantly do wonders for all men.

Teache us to recognize you as the one true God who gives life and sanctifies all things.

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