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Fear of Death

Photo Leander Syrieix

Death frightens me; it paralyzes me so much that I do not dare sometimes visit relatives or acquaintances who are preparing to experience it. I have heard that it is by death that we meet you face-to-face Lord. Is it perhaps because of this slogan that death scares me so much?

I finally realize that I have so far rationalized the issue of death, that I have taken refuge behind beautiful formulas to escape and avoid this undeniable reality.

But what makes me so afraid of death? Is it all the wounds of my life like abandonment, denial, the experience of rejection in many forms, etc.? Is it because of so much harm during my life? Is it because of so much evil of which I was the author? Is it for fear of being forgotten from my relatives and people I have known? Or, is it for fear of my vision of the afterlife, for fear of being in solitude and wandering forever? Read more

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Humanizing: A Current Challenge

© Leander Syrieix.

© Leander Syrieix.

Usually the verb “Humanizing” is used to define the action to make human something that is not. This is for example the case when one wishes to humanize working conditions. The etymology of this term then indicates that derives from “humanitas, atis, f., Humanus, human nature, all the qualities that make man superior to the beast”[1]. But we lay everyday actions that are contrary to human dignity; we advance remarks can hurt or even kill each other. So does it not legitimate to believe that humanizing is a current challenge? Read more

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Mercy, Forgiveness, Forgetting

Jésus Miséricordieux

Merciful Jesus

From Latin Misericordia, Mercy refers to compassion, pity. In this sense, be merciful returns to be taken compassion. Moreover, compassion comes from the Latin Compassio meaning “common suffering.” This then indicates that Mercy is the willingness to share the suffering of others, to be touched by the suffering of the other. Finally, Mercy is the gate or the square of Forgiveness. Read more

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Peace! Yes! Peace

Unité“Jesus came and stood among them and said, ’Peace be with you.’ […] He said to them again, ‘Peace be with you […]’” (Jn 20:19-21) These are the first words of the crucified, the sacrificed, the risen: ” Peace be with you.” Come down to the depths of hell to free us from the chains of our prisons, our hatreds, our bitterness, our personal and community suffering, Christ comes spread on us his Spirit in this day of Passover: “When he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’” (Jn 20:22) Read more

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Baptism request: fictive letter to the Church

Daniel Abel Photograph

I come through this request to your maternal benevolence to solicit baptism.

Several routes have been proposed to me, certain ideals of life have been presented to me, but I have not seen anything other than the path you indicate to those who wish to find an answer to their quest. It is a real encounter, a true relationship with Christ through his brothers and sisters who were born of water and fire, baptism and the Spirit, who came out of the womb of the Church. Read more

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