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Fear of Death

Photo Leander Syrieix

Death frightens me; it paralyzes me so much that I do not dare sometimes visit relatives or acquaintances who are preparing to experience it. I have heard that it is by death that we meet you face-to-face Lord. Is it perhaps because of this slogan that death scares me so much?

I finally realize that I have so far rationalized the issue of death, that I have taken refuge behind beautiful formulas to escape and avoid this undeniable reality.

But what makes me so afraid of death? Is it all the wounds of my life like abandonment, denial, the experience of rejection in many forms, etc.? Is it because of so much harm during my life? Is it because of so much evil of which I was the author? Is it for fear of being forgotten from my relatives and people I have known? Or, is it for fear of my vision of the afterlife, for fear of being in solitude and wandering forever? Read more

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Why Continuing?

Daniel Abel Photograph

Because :

It makes more sense.

The original flame continues to burn more and more strongly.

He is always the first, He has the initiative.

My thirst for the world is more felt.

The world needs him even more.

I rely less and less on my own strength.

He further increases my desire for Him.

I still do not understand his ways, but he alone knows the way for me.

This is always worth it.

He is my source of life, joy and peace, as well as for the world.

You have to taste Him. Read more

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Amo Ergo Sum

Photo Leander Syrieix

Since I met you, I no longer imagine my life without You. Yet I sometimes get away from You, to forget you for a few moments. When this happens to me, I become more aware of the solid bond that unites us.

With You I share my existence, not because I am sickly dependent, but because of the reciprocal Love that dwells in us. My breathing is nothing more than our Love. How can I stop loving you? Indeed, it would assume that I no longer live to the extent that the absence of breathing is synonymous with the absence of life, that is to say, death with regard to our human conception.

The Love that binds us keeps me alive. But how can I explain the fact that I often forget you during a day in the tumult of my occupations? I am only aware of it when we converse so before I fall asleep, so when I make personal reading of my day. Obviously, forgetting at certain moments of my day reflects my imperfection, the mystery of what “I love you” although I am not entirely present to You. Read more

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Yes, my Beloved

Yes Lord, I accept that you are my Beloved

I agree to share with You my life

I accept to do with You one body, one flesh

I agree to live with You my privacy

I agree to climb with You Kilimanjaro

I agree to escape with You into the splendors of nature

I agree to go to bed and get up with You in the evening and in the morning

I agree to share with You my daily life beyond all the difficulties that will arise

I agree to go with You to the desert and to love you also in the most difficult moments Read more

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Creed of Joy

Elias Djemil / Photograph

While I was looking for the meaning of life, several opportunities were offered to me, several ways of happiness were proposed to me: sex, glory, money, etc. But you came to me, you came to take me by the hand and you revealed to me as the only creator who alone gives true meaning to life. Today I am proud, in the midst of this world, amid so many gods to proclaim to you: I believe in one God.

While I was looking for the meaning of life, science was proposed to me, but I saw its limits because it cannot explain everything. Astrology has been presented to me, but I have understood that it tells what to do because it predicts the future and thus makes it a slave insofar as the stars have already traced everything, foreseen in advance. Energy has been pointed out to me, but I have grasped incoherence, for these energies seem to come from the angels, the cosmos, the higher spiritual masters, the human being provided that has reached a certain level or state, etc. Then you revealed yourself to me as the sole creator, as the source of all energies (divine energies, hypostases) and everything. Today, I am proud, in the heart of this world, in the midst of so many gods to proclaim to you: I believe in the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, the visible and invisible. Read more

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