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Why Continuing?

Daniel Abel Photograph

Because :

It makes more sense.

The original flame continues to burn more and more strongly.

He is always the first, He has the initiative.

My thirst for the world is more felt.

The world needs him even more.

I rely less and less on my own strength.

He further increases my desire for Him.

I still do not understand his ways, but he alone knows the way for me.

This is always worth it.

He is my source of life, joy and peace, as well as for the world.

You have to taste Him.

He gives me no guarantee in this world.

Because of the mission.

He is more than ever “madness” in the eyes of the world.

With him I dare more.

He disturbs and jostles for the “common good”.

He makes me more and more free.

He gradually reveals his plans to me.

I always want to do his will.

He is the only answer to all my queries and quests.

He still wants it.

The community encourages me more.

I am no longer alone, but worn by others, by many.

This is no longer my project, but a call from the Church.

He alone is enough for me.

His charity urges us.

I once put my hand to the plow and now looks forward.

© Leander Syrieix.

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