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Marthe Fortin / Photograph

Marthe Fortin / Photograph

After four years of discernment at the Grand Séminaire de Québec for the priesthood, Peace and Joy are increasingly at the rendezvous. In taking stock of the four areas of training, that is to say the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral, I realize that I am still full of enthusiasm as at the beginning of this adventure at the following of Christ.

Community life at the Grand Séminaire de Québec helped me to grow better in my relationships with others, but also with myself insofar as I learn to be more aware of my limitations. The more time of discernment progresses, I become aware of my weaknesses, and it allows me to better discern and to find balance on the human point.

I have the joy from the beginning of my training to have good friends who contribute greatly to this balance and therefore contribute in some way to this great project of life, which is now no longer just mine, but also the project of a community of believers and even non-believers.

It is taking increasingly act of my human meanness that I also grew up on a spiritual level, and that I progress in truth in my discernment. Despite periods of drought as in any Christian spiritual experience, I see that, I more pursue training, the more there is a joy and a profound peace that settled because I remain fixed on Christ that urges me to follow him. When I see people I have known before entering the seminary, they tell me I am different, calmer, and happier. Sometimes it makes me smile, because inside myself I know that it is not so much in connection with the seminary as such, but with my Christian life as I try to live an authentic encounter with Christ.

When I entered the seminary in 2012, after training in engineering and some functions in the sector of research and industry, I was very nervous about going back to school and had given myself a goal: finish as quickly as possible courses and go to the pastoral internship. But I have met good teachers at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at Université Laval that really moved me in my conformism. I dared to enter the approaches proposed through different courses, and then I felt the need to further deepen. Finally, I am about to complete a Master degree before my departure to the internship. In fact, doing theology commits and helps to switch ideas to the concrete, and it changed not only the way I pray, but also enriched my pastoral commitments. During my pastoral insertions and when exercising homiletic comments, I make connections between the content of my courses in theology and the practical life. And it puts me into a relational dynamic; it makes me become attentive to the concerns that people wear and also makes me live a real closeness with them.

Some people told me between 2011 and 2012 that by abandoning a successful career at 28 years old for entering the Grand Séminaire I was taking a significant risk. Indeed, they were right insofar as I took this risk with Christ, and it is a joy path. I continue my discernment and regardless of to what Christ calls me, I remain in peace because it is on Him that I try to put the essentials.

© Leander Syrieix.

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  1. ATEBA ALVIN says:

    La vie sacerdotale est une très belle aventure avec le Christ. Elle ne nécessite courage que lorsqu’il faut dire oui.Elle devient joie permanente dans un abandon total.VAS Y ET QUE LE SEIGNEUR ACHÈVE EN TOI CE QU’IL A COMMENCE

  2. T W G says:

    Très intéressant ton texte, je sais que tu vas y arriver…
    Tu as vraiment décidé de suivre ta voix, bien que beaucoup de gens n’étaient pas d’accord avec ton projet.
    Du courage et que le seigneur soit avec toi pour le temps qui te reste avant la fin de ta formation…..

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